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Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Rich Man's Bicycle

I say "rich man's" as this bicycle once belonged to a New Orleans doctor who used it to make house calls.  Maybe he wasn't so rich after all or he would have had a Model A.

The headlamp is a carbide lamp, above it you can see a plunger to activate a horn, bell or maybe a siren?  There is a small panel that flips open where you can see what is left of the words "The World".  One kept their tools inside there or maybe secret stuff.


  1. Maybe the Doc was wealthy in wisdom, knowing riding a bike was a healthy thing to do.


  2. Hi John...I imagine by the time he got there the baby would be delivered, and or Grampa would have pasted away!!
    Maybe that's why so many people died young back then haha!!
    That is some set up though !!

    Yesterday's bike is a real hoot, you wouldn't have gotten me on that thing!! ; )
    Thanks for showing them!!


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