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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Barn, House, or What?

Hwy 395 Beech Creek, Oregon

I'm not to sure what this was in it's day, but I don't think it has many days left.


  1. amazing that they still stand upright for so long though; another interesting photo shoot from you John. I love seeing the ones with landscapes especially

  2. Still the divider between public and privat ownership stands looking at the fence in front. Nice colored field. I like it.

  3. Still brave standung up, but one blowing wind.....

  4. probably just as beautiful as it is today!

  5. Hi John... A great old reminder of the past, makes you think about what might have been years ago!!

    You have shown some great ones this week they look like paintings,and would make great paintings!!

  6. love, love the fence in front (would you link in to friday's fences this afternoon?)

    what a great scene - no matter what it used to be.

  7. what a stunning photograph - love the yellow grasses and the purple haze. this belongs on your wall. or mine. :) hope you guys are having a fun summer. it's fading fast and the temps here have been so cool I've dug out one of my favorite phrases of all time - "the worm has turned". or not. forecast is for 90's next week and I still haven't picked a ripe tomato, but they're getting there. happy evening to you both.


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