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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Barn with Accessory Attached

Along Highway 26 in Oregon

This barn had a cupola with a lightening rod on top.


  1. I like those shapes and colours of your barns, so different from ours.

  2. learn something tonight - the word cupola. I wonder why we don't have lightening rods anymore? It's not like no constructions get hit by lightening these days. Quite prone to it here.

  3. I had the impression in contrary to bieb that this is called a dutch barn in your country by the form of the gable roof. Still in Holland the are nearly extinct.

  4. Hi John...I love these scenes you have seen !! Wonderful places that remind me of rural Maine at times!!
    I have not seen a lighten rod in forever anywhere ( of course my anywhere is quite limited lol)!

    Wonderful photo!!
    Thanks for sharing a bit of Oregon!!


  5. and another stunning photograph.


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