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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Broadway Under the Stars

Thursday evening we went to an outdoor performance at nearby Jack London State Park.  It was an evening of Broadway song and dance performed by Transcendence Theatre Company.  Many of these young performers have been on Broadway at one time or the other in their careers, so it was top notch entertainment.  This group travels all over the globe and doing so can be tiring.  They were here in the Sonoma Valley area last year, loved the area and the venue at Jack London State Park.  Since then they decided to make this area their summer home so as to get some rest from life on the road and just signed a contract to be here into 2019 during each summer.  

Anyway, I took my little GoPro camera and tried to get some pictures.  Well, 90% of the pictures had my big head in it seeing if the camera was on or not.  You have to understand that these little cameras that you strap on to helmets, surfboards and automobile windows have no viewfinder or screen to see what you just took a picture of.  You get what the camera sees and you see it only after downloading it onto your computer.  So those pictures were out.  The ones later into the evening were too dark for the camera exposure so there went another 9% of the pictures deleted.  I ended up with these three.

The line to get in.  They had several food truck and many wine pouring tables to pick from so I didn't mind the line too much as I had a half a pizza and two spring rolls in me at the time. The line moved on quickly anyway.

The only one of the performers that came out half way decent.  It was a warm pleasant evening so that was good too.  Boy, could they sing and dance!  Name most any popular Broadway show and they did a song from it.  From Singing in the Rain, to Hair, to Cats and Phantom of the Opera and some I didn't know were Broadway plays.

They were so hot they caught on fire at one point!



  1. Sounds like an excellent evening of songs from the musicals.
    Your wee camera might not have produced the high percentage of good pictures you're used to but it certainly seems to have caught the general atmosphere of the evening.

  2. Nice eye witness story of a no doubt pleasant evening.

  3. I've never heard of GoPro cameras. I think it has great potential. I can see you had fun with it. ;)

  4. «Louis», owning a food truck, took special note of this!

    He thanks you for your visit to San Francisco Bay Daily Photo

  5. You made me laugh so loud with your text, seeing your own head at the photos all the time and the others deleted.. You made my day ha,ha. But I hope you evening was not spoilt by these problems.

  6. i like the fire squiggles. :) and pizza and spring rolls together? i'd have been upchucking... :)

  7. Looks and sounds like a nice evening (even with your big head). :D


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