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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Buck Fever

On my hike yesterday I saw the biggest buck I have yet seen in the four years of wanderings around my personal State Park.  He saw me before I saw him.  He simply stood motionless waiting for me to pass and it was just pure dumb luck that I spotted him.  Naturally, no DSLR with me.  All I had was my little point and click.  I never can see very good what I have in the screen of that camera.  I got two pictures and...

...the battery died!  I had meant to grab a spare before leaving the car and forgot.  Now what?  I dug out that infernal iPhone.  If I thought trying to hold the zoomed in point and click steady bracing it against a tree was difficult, the iPhone was even worse.

 First picture shows how far away he was.

Second picture you could compare to documented pictures of Big Foot we see all the time.

He realized he was dealing with an ill-prepared incompetent amateur photographer and didn't want to waste anymore time posing for me so he went on his way.  And so did I grumbling about forgetting that spare battery.


  1. It is the tale of the saying. The best camera for you is the camera you have at hand. On my holiday to norway I forgot in the second hotel my loader and battery for my sony nex ( which they will send back to my home address) so I had to take a lot off photo's with my iphone ( as is the second one of my posting today).

  2. frustrating isn't it when you know you might've nabbed a good shot "if only" ...we've all been there; it was a good post anyway John and a neat buck

  3. You made a wonderful picture of him despite all the troubles. We two are the same muddleheaders as you can read in SC's comment, so stupid....

  4. Well for all the "limitations" of point and shoot, its a pretty good image.

    I sometimes think I take too much stuff with as I walk - and at least the two cameras I use take the same battery.

    As I was writing my wallaby post I thought "Why is this a wallaby" - so I looked it up!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  5. but the 2 shots you got were awesome! what a handsome fellow!

  6. Your own personal state park??? Nice, John, we should all have one.
    The one shot you got of the big guy is beautiful. My Aunty used to encourage us kids to take "mental pictures" so we'd never forget what we saw. I still have a headfull of those!


  7. HI John... Well it's a good thing you got the first two, so you can prove it wasn't Bigfoot anyway!!
    Ya I have been in your place before!!
    I was at the Home Depot store looking at the plants, and there on one plant was a very large Moth, no camera of course so I started digging for that "the Infernal I phone LOL , and darn I had even forgotten it!! Of course the thing didn't fly, but if I had a camera it would have been gone in a flash!!

    Better luck next time ..well if there is one ; )

  8. he's a looker! And lucky you to have your own state park :)

  9. Sounds like me, never have my trusty Nikon when I need it, but you did ok with the 2 point and shoot pics.

  10. That's a really beautiful buck, and your first two photos are pretty darn good! Your story made me laugh!

  11. Better practice with that iphone, it can come in very handy. I think your photos are great. I have never seen a deer that big either. Were you scared?

  12. I love what you captured. How much better could it have been anyway?


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