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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Kansas Motorcycle Museum

Marquette, Kansas

The two previous posts with the bicycles were from this place.  I'll not bore you with the 40 plus motorcycle pictures I took, but thought I could at least get away with the two bicycles.  This was the personal collection of motorcycles of one man plus donations on loan from some other individuals.  Naturally I was there when they opened and had the place all to myself.

Stan Engdahl raced motorcycles most all of his life.  Just look at all those trophies back there.  Stan is now gone and his widow runs the museum.  The little lady must be pushing 90 years of age.  She sat by the front door reading the morning paper with a card table off to the side for her to work on her jig-saw puzzle throughout the day.  I wanted to talk with her but she was nearly stone deaf and I had to practically yell for her to hear me.  It was exhausting trying to converse with her and I eventually gave up and toured the museum on my own.  The back room had a little boom box playing 50's & 60's rock and roll music for "atmosphere".  It was annoying as I couldn't focus on the motorcycles and what there was to read about each one.  I turned it off and she never knew the difference.

I made two laps around the circuit.  Yes, I turned the noise maker back on before leaving.


  1. :) i'm not one for background music playing while i'm trying to read (on blogs, especially!)

  2. Music is good for the soul. I like their building.

  3. Wow great little museum, well kept and clean and great trophy collection.



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