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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Most Dangerous Bug in the World

Oooo...I want this.

On second thought I'll stick with my motorcycle.  It's seems safer.


  1. haha it reminds me of my trip to the outback to Silverton where the Mad Max cars are kept. I did do a blog post at the time; wonder did you see them? (Great pics of yours John; amazing work on this car)

  2. As the beetle is known as a design that has a habit to choose air by means of its wing profile in this case testdrive only permitted on an empty runway. Only after take off no equipment to steer . Sorry. But it looks mean for sure.

  3. Wow that is stunning, the first one almost looks like a winding up car at the back.

  4. I'd like to have one too. I rekkon the propeller takes away the tendency to do a wheelie when accellerating, so the prop won't hit the ground.

  5. Hi John... Now that is not what I would want in front of me on the highway!!
    I would be hoping things wouldn't be flying of the dang thing!!

    You have the best finds LOL!!

  6. Put a wing on that bug and it might fly!


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