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Monday, August 26, 2013

The Santa Rosa Marathon

After the Sunday morning flea market I drove on over to watch the runners come in from the Santa Rosa half and full marathon runs.  I selected a spot at the 25 mile mark (12 mile for the halfers) and see how they were doing after three hours of running with one mile plus left to go.

Of course it made me long to be among them as I sat by the wayside.

Back in 1982 I took on the San Francisco marathon.  

I only had the desire to do just one marathon, no more.

 My goal was to come in under the 3 hour mark, if I could.

Well I did it, with less than 30 seconds to spare.  2:59: something.  I've since lost my results.

I vowed never again!  I stuck to the half marathon and under races from then on.

Then knee problems forced me to quit running for 20 years.

Today, when I thought I would never be able to run again, I can.

Albeit much slower.  Very much slower.

The runners I watched were inspirational

and motivated me to think

maybe next year I might just give it a go.

The is the half marathon.  Remember my vow?


  1. It seems that you have thrown yourself totally in this event with your camera. By every click feeling the pain from the runners. Nice posting.

  2. when do you start working up for that race John?

  3. I have nothing but admiration for people who do these races! I have never had the urge, motivation or ability! Maybe I should get out and prove myself wrong!

    Cheers - Stewart M

    PS: sorry about the deceitful tittle of my post!

  4. The runners have to run a hill which makes it very difficult I see. You had a great time watching, photographing and daydreaming about your own partipitation. You have to start training right now I think.

  5. that's an impressive pace! no way i could ever do that w/o injury! but i am happy to be jogging a bit again after 6 mos. of fighting shin splints. that's success enough for me. :)

  6. I'm very impressed by anyone that can run that far, 3 hours or more. (doesn't mean I don't think it's mad)

  7. Very impressive. I used to run cross country but I haven't run in years.
    This morning I got up to take the trash out and had the urge to run.

  8. you could do it again John. Love the expressions on their faces.

  9. Great pix of the marathon!

    «Louis» used to run a lot. He never ran a full marathon, but did many half marathons. Like many other runners, he paid the price with knee and ankle problems. New left knee in January, 2012 and a new right ankle this past April...

  10. I am not a runner. I wish I were. I appreciate what others can do. And I am not surprised to learn you ran a marathon. You are full of surprises.


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