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Monday, August 12, 2013

This Old Barn

Between Prineville and John Day Oregon

I believe there was a fire nearby at the time judging by the smoke in the background 
but I cannot recall as this was taken 2 years ago

That wood would be great for an interior wall like a den.

I just might wind up in that area again rather than the original Fall Colors Tour I had planned.


  1. Great looking old buildings - the place wont look the same when they finally give up the ghost.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  2. I read your post about the planned tour to the fall colours. It is a dilemma indeed what to do. Times are realy uncertain and I can understand your hesitation. We made the tour a few years ago by car from Boston to the north and it was awesome. I always had wanted to see those indian summer colours and they are truly that red as in the pictures!

  3. great images; I'm sure there's lot to see around that area that is very photographic for your new travels John

  4. Beautiful! The first pic with the hill full of trees and the old buildings is just wonderful.

    I have thought a lot about the statements you made re the economy. Very scary to me because I live on Social Security, I'm OK with what I get now, but any less would be a nightmare!


  5. Hi John... Wow I love it, what is it about old buildings that just say's take my picture ; }!!
    What a great framed pic on the wall it would be, "at my house" : }}}

    Or the boards for an interiors wall !!

  6. Beautiful. Love old barns. Yes it does look a little smoky.

  7. I like the lines of this barn plus the fact that it's unpainted.

  8. My phone rng so I forgot to add, yes, be sure to check this area out again in the fall.

  9. Loved this images! I think I could travel there just with my imagination.
    Nice blog, I invite you to visit mine whenever you can :)



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