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Friday, August 30, 2013

Wine Tasting on Two Wheels

I found yesterday's prop powered Volkswagen while riding my motorcycle through nearby Napa Valley.  In the town of St. Helena (major uppity tourist trap) there was this shop with a sign out front "We Rent Motorcycles".  You can see "rentals" in the shop window sign of the first photo in case you didn't believe me.  I mean, I wouldn't have believed myself either.  Who in their right mind would rent motorcycles to wine tasting tourists hitting all the wineries along Hwy 29/128 in the Napa Valley?

There is a message here in this art piece, but I'll leave it to you to draw your own conclusion.
Wine + two wheels =  

I am sure this is not for rent.  It is far too valuable to let a wino ride it.

Motorcycles was not the owner's only passion.

This information applies to the engine below it.  I like the part "...and the speed to clear the blast zone."  Yeah!!!

You can't tell but this engine was as large if not larger than the VW Beetle.
I can't imagine changing 56 spark plugs.  "I've got one left over! Now let's see, where did I start?"

I didn't go inside the shop and ask about the sensibility of renting motorcycles to wine tasting tourists as I had to go pee real bad.  No, it wasn't because I had been tasting wine either.  I don't care for the stuff.


  1. Thats a real macho posting.

  2. 56 spark plugs? yikes!

    wine on two wheels sounds like all kinds of crazy...

  3. I'm not a wine drinker either, it all smells like vinegar to me and doesn't taste much better, even the fancy stuff. I used to drink Jack Daniels in my younger days, but now I keep my wits about me and drink nothing! Of course that means I'm always the designated driver though. ;)

  4. It is a real men thing this post, I feel a bit like you with fashion.... But the combination of wine tasting and driving is a special offer I think.

  5. 28 cylinders? Probably ran like a fine watch, but just seems like SO many opportunities for stuff to go wrong.

  6. Even without wine, you wouldn't catch me on a motorbike, relying only on the laws of physics to keep you upright at silly speeds. I will risk a bottle of wine from time to time - preferably stationary.

    I notice that the red motorbike makes an appearance in the background of the last blog with the propeller powered beetle. It's worrying to see he has spare engines.


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