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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Looks Good Huh?

This vendor is at the flea market every Sunday.  
Only because I am there during breakfast time prevents me from buying one of these birds.

Sinbad Update:
    He went 48 hours without getting sick this weekend, eating his food with gusto.  So Tuesday I started him back on his thyroid medicine only this time cutting the pills in half.  He got a half in the morning and a half in the evening.  Come Wednesday morning he ignored his food then around 8 am he tells me he's going to throw up.  Into the bathroom we go and he heaved three times with just a little liquid and foam, nothing more.  That pretty much confirms it; the medicine is causing all the problems.  

   He originally got the pills on 8/22 and after several days of taking them we left for our road trip on the 30th.  He hadn't been eating much when we left and then the throwing up began getting worse and worse while on the road.  Stopping with the pills his appetite slowly returned and the vomiting ceased.  So that pretty much confirms it.  We're done with the pills.  I am going to try an alternative method of controlling the thyroid and part of it will be changing his diet to more of raw meat since isn't that what cats eat in the natural environment?  He hasn't been eating crap cat food all this time either.  He gets quality grain free wet and dry. This will slowly cease though as we convert over.  

   Anyway, the chicken above ties into this theme, only he'll get a portion of all the meats before they are cooked. 


  1. Portugese chickens on the bbq; look good. Glad you have the notion now what is causing Sinbad's illness. Least you have a reason for it and can work at the new diet; fingers crossed it's all good from hereon in John

  2. I got the message about the tree color. Thanks . I have tried to change my answer profile about emails ( wasn't aware of it) but if it is done I am not sure. All those changes with the blog, gmail and google + in a safari driven browser can get you mad sometimes. I hope that Sinbad now will recover fully to his old self. Have a nice day.

  3. Poor Sinbad, not feeling well again, but it is obvious the medicine doesn't work well for him. A diet will be better I think indeed. Hope he will eat other things.

  4. Glad to hear you think you figured out Sinbad's problem. Google, here you come! I looked up and found this for raw food: I hope a new diet works well.

  5. I hope you find some suitable alternate medicine.
    Dinner looks good!

  6. Make the conversion from commercial cat food to meat veeeery slow. I understand he's quite old, so his tummy might be a bit sensitive... Keeping my fingers crossed for him and you!

  7. i'm guessing there are lots of sites available on raw food diets for pets. i hope you can find one that keeps him healthy.

  8. I'm glad you figured out Sinbad's problem and hope the new diet regime will solve it all together.
    Boy does that chicken look good.

  9. Well, I've been very negligent keeping on top of blog reading. I've just spent time reading about your recent adventures. I'm sorry to hear about Sinbad's challenges, but nice to know you've discovered to source of his problems. Maybe New England will be possible next fall.

  10. That would be tempting to me, even for breakfast. Our Sunday farmer's market doesn't have anything like that, though.

  11. Has Sinbad's thyroid been checked at the Vets? Sometimes they just don't need any pills anymore and keep him on his usual diet and slowly add raw meat/fish. Best of luck, Sinbad, we are rooting for you!

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  12. so glad you discovered what was making Sinbad sick. Can vet give another medicine to try?


  13. Well, John, it is noon here, and those chickens looked mighty good. Then I read about Sinbad. I think I will have to skip lunch today.

    Hugs to you both.


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