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Friday, September 13, 2013

One More to Go

Driving in the country of Marin County I was stopped for some road construction.  Off in the distance these workers were dragging something across the roof of a cow barn.

Watching as I sat there I realized they were dragging over the last panel of corrugated tin roofing, finally completing what must have been a monumental job, re-roofing this entire barn and probably the buildings behind it also.

Oh my aching back!


  1. And the front of the barn says "OW"

  2. Anything to do with barns is a lot of work. ;) This roof will help preserve this barn so totally worth it.

  3. That's a big barn. I hope Sinbad is doing better. Now I have a sick kitty, she's better than she was yesterday.

  4. :) YOUR back was aching just thinking what they'd just finished off. Certainly a big achievement but then I look at the photos of stately old churches overseas and marvel at the artisans work too, especially while they didn't have the tools and mechanics of today

  5. How many times have you done roofing? 'Cos you're probably one of the few people who sees this situation as a forthcoming completion. For people who haven't been on top of a roof to even just patch a hole, they'd probably think of the danger of the task first. JereYancey Home Improvements


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