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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Flea Market - The Series

For the week I will do a series on the flea market with today just being overall views.  Keep in mind as how on yesterday's post I was sniveling about being cold, here we'll take notice of how some dressed for the day.

Being a person with little hair on top of his head, I wear a hat most all of the time for it gets cold up there, believe me.  Notice the bald guy (much more so than I).  Guys like him bother me.  How do they tolerate the cold?  I'll not get started on those who purposely shave their heads.

Women who wear off the shoulder tops.  If I were a woman that would seem so uncomfortably annoying.  Why do women wear these things?  Notice short pants in background.

This guy is one of many, especially with the women, going around with sandals on.  It is like they are trying to make a statement - "I'm tough!"  Yeah, well I am not, okay?
Come on people, you make me even colder just looking at your feet!

Another guy who should be wearing a hat; more short pants in the background.

 Okay, the lady to the right.  Hat, hooded sweat shirt, coat, we think alike!

When taking these pictures I was mainly after just some overall scenes.  It wasn't until I got to sorting out pictures for the week and putting together this post did I get off on the how people dress in the cold theme.  Had that been in my mind at the time you would have been viewing dozens of exposed feet pictures.  I'll behave for the rest of the week.


  1. I'm with you John; like to be prepared for the ill-wind. As to the top - it's a fashion/vanity thing and yes, I reckon a lot of the light-on approach is all bluff. Underneath they must be freezing, surely. There's something really comforting about being wrapped in something cosy and still being able to do your thing outdoors

  2. We get the picture here. I thought that it is a bit warmer in the parts where you are living or is this a flea market up in the north.

  3. They say old people are feeling more cold, could be? My father was bold from his 21th age. I have never seen him without a hat outside. But I sometimes wonder too how some girls are dressed, no jacket or leaving it open in the wind, look how cool I am?

  4. I love markets like this - even if most of the stuff is more trash than treasure!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  5. This has me cracking is so much fun to people watch sometimes.

  6. Looking forward to "The Series"

  7. Its getting nippy here in Minniesnowda too. I do know that some people are warmer than others, therefore they can go around with no jackets, etc. But I am not one of them! I require that layered look, an undershirt, an overshirt, a sweatshirt and mitts. No hat needed YET, but thats coming. Brrrr! Stay warm.

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  8. There were 3 really cold days here in the Smokies and lots of people still in shorts. My take on the situation was that they had probably forgotten to pack pants as they were probably tourists. Got to check that 10 day forecast! As for the off the shoulder look, I never got it either but some ladies will buy anything that is supposedly sexy even if wildly uncomfortable. Look how long high heeled shoes have been around. Never owned a pair in my life!

  9. Interesting people watching. A lot of folks will do amazingly dumb things to look cool, or what they believe is cool.

  10. What was the actual temperature John.

  11. Are you sure you are going to behave for the rest of the week. I might question that one…hahahaha. Love your commentary. You and Bud and I all think alike. genie

  12. Looks like there is something for everyone there.

  13. I'm sure there are many teenagers that think I wear too many layers but I like to feel warm and cozy.


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