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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Another Bobcat Sighting

Not the kind of bobcat I want to see.  The golf course is having their entire irrigation system redone and the work crews have been at it for a couple of months now.  This is the finishing stages where they have to connect the system at places where the course crosses a couple of streets.  One unfortunately is right next door to us.  The bad part is the city had just repaved the street a month earlier and now there will be a nasty scar across the road. "Ba-bump bump."  Maybe they will do a real nice job seamlessly blending in the road.  We will see.


  1. Yes that kind of bobcat is just a to familiar sight for a lot of us as you have to step of your bicycle or has to made detour number x by the roadworks all around us.

  2. Yes coordination between different work crews is always rather difficult it seems.

  3. A few years ago some men appeared and dug a hole outside my parents' house. "They'll be out to connect the telephones" they explained. No one came and a week later the crew returned again to fill the hole. My father even went out to tell them. "Can't help that" they explained "We've got orders to fill the hole in!" and they did.
    It must make sense to somebody.

  4. You'd think the services would all co-ordinate, but I don't see that happening much anywhere.

  5. A freshly paved road is just a blank canvas for a ditch digger.

  6. This sounds just like our little town...they will finally pave a road that needs it so bad, and within a week, are having to cut across it for something.


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