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The nice thing about being confused is you get a chance to notice things a lot better than if you knew where you were going.

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Monday, November 4, 2013

Nothing for Something

I wasn't going to do anymore flea market posts since I devoted the entire past week to it.  But I went yesterday and just had to show this.  Harbor Freight is a retailer here in the States, a great purveyor of Chinese crap, mostly hand and power tools.  Their stores are a man's paradise.  They send out flyers once a month filled with coupons for 50 or more percent off various items you really do not need but simply cannot pass up the great deal being offered.  Also, there is always one coupon offering something for FREE with any purchase.  This month they were giving away these screwdrivers.  I got a set, free.  This seller is trying to hawk  the very same package of screwdrivers for $4.  The little electronic device above it, $2.39 with coupon.  He's trying to sell it for $5.  And that is how some of these flea market regulars do it.   

I paid more attention to the interactions between sellers and customers than I usually do.  I really think a lot of the regular sellers are in it for the social interaction with buyers and their fellow sellers.  They know each other by first names. They stand around and visit a lot with each other.  I heard one ask other if Steve was here today.  "He's the train guy and I have a train he might be interested in."  I overheard a lady buyer ask a lady seller if she had a store.  "No, I just do this.  I do well enough at this to get buy."  I suppose if I were really nosy and went around and asked the regulars that would be the answer I'd get most of the time.
Finally I saw this sign.  It spoke to me.  I don't get lost, but I couldn't count the number of times I've hesitated, unable to make a decision in time while at speed, and missed an exit, most of the time for an photo opportunity.  It was too big for the inside of the Little House on the Highway so I didn't buy it.  But I will make my own and mount on the dash somewhere.

But I did buy a Nikon lens pouch, the perfect size for my 70-300mm VR lens for only $5.  Major score.  Only thing is I had to take the little 75-200mm macro zoom lens also.  It is way too small for the pouch but she insisted the lens goes with the pouch.  I have no idea what the lens fits.  I know not Nikon or Canon.  I'll take it to the camera store find out and give it away.


  1. Nice quote but it depends on the situation not taken into account here. Otherwise the turtle would always be quicker than the hare.

  2. it probably isn't such a big deal anymore if you miss the exit --- take the next one out, there might be better photo ops. along the way; enjoy the journey.

  3. I liked your serie about the fleamarket very much, you will always buy something to have the feeling you had the bargain of the day.

  4. i do like that sign. pretty enterprising of the folks to mark up the prices on 'junk' like that.

  5. If they can make a living doing this good luck to them... far better than 9 to 5 any day.

  6. Glad for your major score with the lens pouch. It's nice that you're giving away the orphan lens too.

  7. Funny sign...and so true.

    I rarely buy anything anymore. I'm trying to get rid of stuff and not add to it. ;))

  8. I got my Harbor Freight digital multi-meter for free with one of those coupons. Hey, even at $5 it's not too bad for the convenience of picking it up there at the flea market. Fun to visit again and see that you are still up to your old tricks. OBTW, I've started posting on a limited basis again.

  9. Love that sign...most times people at the flea markets are nice. I had a run in with a lady not so nice...oh, she wasn't horrible, but she did preach to me that I was trying to cheat her. I have a feeling it was the other way around...I offered her $5 less on an item that was $25 and got a sermon out of it.


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