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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Velveteen Fungi

This may be the first time I've seen this species of fungi.  It could be the same as the one awhile back that looked like something fresh from the oven but this had the look of velvet to it.
It is difficult to tell but this grouping grew on the slope of a very steep ravine 
so it was shall I say fun to get at.

The twigs are firmly in the grasp of the fungi having grown around them.

Off to the side of the group stood this one, home to a spider or two it appears.

Dropping down to an edge on view you can see how the silk web has completely enclosed the spaces between each shelf or bracket.  Cottonmouth comes to mind.


  1. Nice ones again. I like it that every material and ground has its own fungi to show.

  2. Your fungies look so different from ours. These reminds me to bread or something baked. Funny to find this in the woods.

  3. i like how the spiders use them. :)

  4. Those are really neat fungi. They look velvety too. don't like the spiders though.

  5. Hi John.... Wow these are pretty cool... love your title to is this a sequel to the Velveteen Rabbit story??


  6. The spiders really took advantage. I don't think I've ever seen them do it so extensively on fungi before.

  7. We get some mushrooms in our yard. I am going to borrow some of your enthusiasm and photograh them as well. May not be this pretty and colorful though.

    Paz :)


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