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Monday, December 16, 2013


You will recall how I tried that HDR technique last week and it came out disappointing.  Yesterday I figured out how to get pictures from my laptop computer into the iPad.  One of the camera apps I have in the iPad has a one-click HDR effect you can apply to a photo (among a long list of other effects available).  So here is that photo once again with the one-click HDR effect done to it.  I can at least say it looks better (much more colorful) than what I came up with following the three different stop exposures, merging of photos and adjustments in my photoshop program.  Yet as I said before, this is not me and most likely I'll not be doing it again.  The good thing about all of this was figuring out how to get pictures taken with my DSLR out of the computer into the iPad.

The unaltered natural image.


  1. while it is quite effective to see zingy colours; I tend to agree with you unless it's for arts-sake, to keep it as it is, the way we see it. A grand entrance, looking like a beautiful location with the mountains backdrop too John

  2. I prefer the second one but sometimes you can give a photo something extra when it is to dark or light. But the artificial colours are a bit arty.

  3. Well, I prefer the unaltered image. :) I still haven't figured out how to transfer photos to my iPad so you are a few steps ahead of me in that department! ;))

  4. i like the unedited version, too - easier on the eyes.

  5. No extra,s please. Better to be honest about what you see.

  6. I do like the effect. It is not so far out that it looks unreal, yet gives it an added boost.

    Do you have the Picasa photo program on your computer? It is free, and does a pretty good job sometimes. On the left side, it has some tapes...the second from the left has an hdr effect on it...sometimes it improves a shot, sometimes not.

    On the last tab is a Boost effect...a lot of times if the hdr doesn't change it, the Boost will....they both go to the extreme. I always push the little slider bars way back if I use them.

    Anyway, the reason I am telling you this is I had it for ages before I even noticed those two things...there is a lot more besides them but those are two I use to save photos that I wouldn't use otherwise.

  7. Wow, it looks like it's doing a lot more than just HDR. I had some good blending software (called Enfuse), but it doesn't work with my new camera. Photoshop's results have been poor (to my taste), and I've never gotten a usable result. Hand-blending is really tricky too, though, so I'm thinking about trying some new software like Photomatix (though I really don't like the candy-colored, tangerine-flaked streamline baby look that most people seem to go for).

  8. I like the HDR one too. It's different. Check out John, its neat to play with.

  9. If your laptop is a Mac, I would think you could do it through the cloud...but I am not a left brainer so my idea may be totally wrong. Like the original photo the best though the doctored one has a lot of bizaze.


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