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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

HDR Photos

HDR (high-dynamic-range) is a process one can do to their photos through their photo programs.  My photo program has this feature.  I've never used it or even considered using it.  A few people of the blogs I follow post photos they've manipulated by HDR.

I am always one who is months or years behind in trying something new on the computer.  For example it was only just a month or so ago I finally became a full-on Google Chrome user (right now there is a lady in Texas laughing at me).

So I thought I would try an HDR treatment to a photo.  I read up on what to do.  To begin with, you must take no less than three pictures of the same scene without moving the camera.  Tripod needed.  You then take one photo 2 stops over-exposed, one photo 2 stops under-exposed, and one photo right-on exposed by the camera's metering system.

Back home with your Photoshop program you begin the process by merging the three (or more) pictures together and then go on from there tweaking them to suit your artistic taste.  I did one.  I went through all the steps and then sat back waiting for the program to process my masterpiece.  It looked like crap!  Okay granted, I didn't know what I was doing and it probably takes some practice.  But I sat there wondering What was I thinking?  This isn't me.  I want my pictures to look like how it was in real life, not all altered, manipulated and gussied up.  And so ended my adventure in the world of HDR photography.

This is the entrance to Chateau St. Jean Winery across the road from where I live.
This is straight out of the camera.  I am fine with it. 

The HDR version you ask?  It went into the Recycle Bin straightaway.


  1. :) but just having tried makes you realize all is good in the world I'm living as it is. The way I've been doing it and continue to do it is good enough for me; I like it that way! Happy life! By the way it was a lovely location shot John

  2. «Louis» agrees with you on the HDR. He's tried it, didn't like it, and went back to SOOTC...

  3. I think this picture is right for me, I don't like manupulated photos.

  4. i do think hdr has to have a 'proper touch' to get it right w/o looking overdone. good of you to try it.

    and (tee hee! giggle! snort!) :)

  5. I too like my pics to look just like I view them John... a little bit of sharpening aside.

  6. When reality looks as good as it does in your photo why jazz it up? Mind you it might look even better after a bottle or two of wine from Chateau St Jean.

  7. I don't like HDR much either. Some look ok and some don't. Blue skies with wispy white clouds look great HDR.


  8. I keep thinking I will try HDR....have thought about it for years. But I just never do it...I like some of the pictures, but when it all comes out in the wash, I prefer just normal photos. I don't mind a little bit of messing around with them, but I don't like them to look unreal.

  9. Oh, and this hot looks wonderful to me...vivid blue trees....

  10. Nice shot. HDR is fine for some shots but not something I use alot.

  11. I'm a SOOTC girl myself, all I do is adjust exposure since my camera tends to over-expose a lot and some light cropping as needed. If the shot is so bad it needs a bunch of fooling with then I just delete it!


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