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Sunday, December 15, 2013

iPhone Play

I devoted some time yesterday to my long neglected inherited iPhone and a couple of camera apps I have on it.  Basically I was trying to re-familiarize myself with what these apps can do and how to get the pictures into my computer and onto the blog without too much thinking and stumbling about.  And too, to find out what worked best, at least for me, meaning less confusion and ease of working with the photo.

The dandelion from a couple weeks ago

From Cabella's main store in Sidney, Nebraska

A 100 year-old Harley Davidison motorcycle engine

My wife's frog that croaks every time you walk by it

Sinbad if he were a white cat.  He's inside wanting to be out with me.

Sinbad as he really is, in my study

The images looked much nicer on the iPad which I found was easier to work the photos on.  
That aside, I think I should try to use the iPhone more often than I do.


  1. I see it works very,very well. This can take a great burden of your shoulder. ( at least 1 kilo in my case) and I don,t know how much in your brain. The pictures look fabulous. Especially the first one. Apple was always great in combining their products. Have a nice weekend.

  2. ...great photographs John, the phone/cameras are doing really good things nowadays it seems from what I read. Your first image for the dandelion takes my vote.

  3. yup, i think it does a fine job.

  4. All fine pictures, John, so you are doing things right. I love the Dandelion and 'zat a real frog??

    Greetings of the season,

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  5. These new phones and tablets can do amazing things. Yours seems to have a serious vignette to it ;-)

  6. I like Sinbad in white! The dandelion shot is wonderful.

  7. There are some fun apps out there. Love these shots.

  8. Must admit I'm a fan of my iPhone camera. A ton of apps out there, and I haven't explored to many, but my favorite is Hipstamatic. Lots of fun experimenting with different lenses and films. For me, there's a lot of experimenting and learning to figure out what photo is going to look better taken with an iPhone vs. my DSLR. Then again, I often don't have my DSLR with me so makes for an easy choice!

  9. Rather nice effect. Amazing what they cram into a little phone these days.

  10. John, link this post to «Louis'» upcoming iPhone Phriday post! It will open at 6:00 pm Thursday night PST.

  11. What great photos (especially the dandilion first). You shouldn't be able to do that with a telephone though.

  12. «Louis» thanks you for linking that superb dandelion shot to iPhone Phriday.


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