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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

On a Wing and a Prayer

This 1951 Ford Truck made it down to the North Bay Area from Oregon with some help, 
bailing wire and bungee cords holding it together.

 I'd imagine the hood still would be flapping some at highway speeds.

The bed was packed full and covered with a deteriorating tarp.  Maybe it still had miles yet to go. 

What an adventurous road trip this would be.

The device stuck to the windshield was a holder for a GPS.  Dangling beneath the radio (not visible) was a USB plug-in charging device for a mobile phone or laptop?  This truck had the latest in technology.


  1. Isn't this car held by the policepatrol on the road? It looks a bit funky to drive in ha,ha.

  2. From the times that car design had to fulfill an other purpose then today. Nice find.

  3. I'm REALLY surprised these get a pass for rego'?????

  4. gotta love it. hope it keeps going.

  5. How fun it would be to have the $$$ to really spif this up the way it should be. Like Tex, I hope it keeps on truckin'.


  6. Those old trucks are the best. I remember my Grandfathers Chevrolet.

  7. What a beautiful old pickup truck John. It's fantastic to see it still being used.

  8. Oh, my I love it! I love the contrasts of old truck, new technology. But I really, really love the old truck itself.

  9. Looks like more prayer than wing. Very cool, John.

  10. That's a wonderful looking truck.

  11. hee hee....
    «Louis» is four years older than this pick up. Baling wire is holding parts of him together, too...


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