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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Good Enough to Eat

"Health to the ocean means health to us." - Sylvia Earle

Not so sure about that quote these days.  I've been reading where marked increases of radioactivity have been showing up in all forms of sea life here on the west coast due to the Fukushima disaster. Radioactivity or not, I don't think I'd eat kelp although many people do.

On a side note, on the drive out to the coast I was on a two-lane road passing through some redwoods. Up ahead was something on the center line and as I got nearer, it moved right into my lane.  A screwy squirrel.  As squirrels always do, he stops, decides to go back the other way, changes his mind, turns back and bumpty-bump - right over him.  I looked in my rear view mirror expecting to see a long furry tail twitching but no, he scampers off to the side of the road.  "He made it!"  I think just the plastic up front under the car's engine is all that hit him.  Probably rolled him over and he'll be a bit sore for a day or two. I wonder if squirrels can learn from close encounters like that.  Probably not.


  1. Wet discoveries on the beach. It sounds disturbing . The find of increased radioactivity on your shores. Not good at all.

  2. Great photos!
    I had a similar situation with a cat. The car in front got 'im and he tumbled down the road. I stopped and the cat was unconscious but didn't have any squished parts or blood, so I put him on the side of the road in the shade of a bush. I came back in an hour and he was gone. OK I presume.

  3. they ALWAYS switch directions! varmints!

  4. not sure if they ever learn. rabbits do the same things around here.

    nice ocean pics again.

  5. No, I don't think squirrels will learn...I don't think they know what a horn is either. LOL I had a friend that told me to toot at one...I didn't say a thing.

  6. Love the black and white shot. I don't think she would say the same thing now.

  7. No kelp for me except the visual feast of your black and white shot.

  8. I wonder if road kill deaths are acting in a selective way - must be a big advantage to animals that look both ways before they cross the road!!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  9. Sad what we humans are doing to Earth. There's not much left to eat that isn't contaminated in some way, me thinks.

    Squirrels are cray, that's for sure.


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