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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

In Sync for Wild Bird Wenesday

They had the choreography down pretty good.  All pictures are in sequence of how they acted. 

Go to Wild-Bird-Wednesday to see more birds from around the world.


  1. That's funny. It gave me a smile. Thank you.

  2. Supreme choreography is right. The stance in the 4th photo with curved necks is so beautifully synched.

  3. well choreographed; you could almost sync those to music John

  4. A great serie of birdphotos.
    Perfect for WBW!

  5. They are quite synchronized, aren't they? Wonderful series! Visiting from Wild Bird Wednesday. :)

  6. I got a chuckle out of that. Nice shots. MB

  7. as good as video.... great idea for this post

  8. Choreographed indeed! Good sequence of shots!

  9. Great photos!
    I love these guys. Used to see similar ones in TX and I took a photo or two of them. They look like they can walk on water. Never quite got that part…
    Peace :)


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