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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Being One of the Chosen Few

   We were at one tasting room where I noticed this framed letter from the White House on the wall.  When you don't drink wine, you wander around and notice things those swirling grape juice in their glasses do not.  I asked about the letter.  The back story to it was most interesting.  The Maldonado family had grown grapes for a long time and simply sold the fruit.  They never made wine.  Then one of the family members decided to take a course on wine making at nearby UC Davis.  In 2002 they bottled their first batch of wine.  This vintage is the one the letter refers to.  It is quite an honor to have your wine served at the White House and as the last line in the letter states, you are not to use the letter in any promotional capacity.  Nevertheless they proudly displayed the letter on the wall for all to see.  "Everyone does it" she said.  She also pointed out that it all was just a matter of luck of some aide coming through the area and selecting your wine by random choice to be served for the president and his guests.

At our next stop a few doors down they too had a coveted White House letter displayed for all to see.  Notice the same date and although a different meal is mentioned, everything else is identical.  The aide must have collected bottles from all along down the line to take back to Washington D.C.

 Have to use the restroom?  It is secretly hidden behind this wall.

This young girl didn't drink either so she went outside to play in the rain.  I had better sense than that.


  1. Well they have a certain way to made people smile in your country and encourage business. Funny posting.

  2. Had to smile about the hidden door, not even a sign on it!

  3. Travelling around California choosing wine for the President - a tough job but someone has to do it.

  4. kinda cool that they 'all' display those letters. :)

  5. hmmmm a hidden bathroom door,

  6. I want to travel wineries to buy wine for people. I could be there Personal Drunk Shopper.

  7. Interesting about the official letters from the White House. Makes me wonder if the the Canadian Prime Minister has someone doing the same thing.


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