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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Gifts or Souvenirs Anyone?

Things to buy at wine tasting rooms.
Don't pay much attention to the strange colors as I was playing with some of the effects available with the iPad app.  It's not really my thing and you probably will not see much of it in the future but I just wanted to see what it looked like on the big screen.

Detailed candles to look like a pine cone.  Do you really want to set a match to these?

Yes, things were pricey.

But if you are willing to pay upwards to $100 for a bottle of wine then these gifts are nothing.

Some had art for sale like this 11x14 photograph.  I didn't mess with the colors on this as I wanted to present it in its true form except I did add the frame.  Price?  $250.  
Not that special for such a price in my opinion.

This is a cycling jersey and that is the name of the winery.  I thought these were wonderful - a jersey with wine stains on them.  Then as I looked closer I saw they were grape leaves instead of stains.  Disappointment.  I mentioned to the owner what my initial impression was and how I thought that was a great idea only to eventually see otherwise.  He agreed and I left him standing there thinking about it.  I probably left a multi-dollar money making idea with the man.  I'll take 10% thank you. 

 No price on this piece.  Just as well.  Oh, I'm not nice.

This app, adding words to a snapshot isn't bad.  I may use this feature when he hit the road again.


  1. I bet you didn't buy anything there?

  2. Now we have a good idea how a winery looks inside. Thanks for the view and your thoughts.

  3. I didn't like the photograph and it was too expensive.
    I wonder who would pay $250 for it...
    Apps effects are not my thing, but maybe I should try taking pictures with my iPad also. ;-)

  4. a nice account of your outing John and I liked the shirt/top - I can see why you might've thought it the wine-stains though

  5. you're right - wine stains would be VERY cool! :)

  6. You can do such neat things with your phone! I'm thinking I don't need to buy anything there right now. ;)

  7. I like the idea of a vineyard selling bike jerseys. Also like the app for adding a title to the pix. I once bought an app, but I put it in my jeans pocket and accidentally ran it through the wash.

  8. If that photo was worth $250, I would like to know what some of ours are worth. But you know, I find that all the time on the web.

  9. I would just come home with wine.

  10. No offense, but there's nothing worse than a candle that's too pretty to burn. You go to the store, you buy the cheapest candles that fit the candleholder, and that's it.


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