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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Horse Feathers

One day last week I took a easy stroll along a trail always good for mushrooms.  That photo trip turned into the three camera comparison series you saw over the weekend.  Anyway, I ended up in the parking lot where the horse people park their trailers.  The horses get a good brush down after their walk along the trails in the park and I always find the remains of these brushings lying on the ground.

DSLR photo

iPhone photo

That's the last of the comparison photos.  I'm keeping the DSLR, not that I was considering putting it up on the shelf and will work with the iPhone more as I think it has potential if you know what you're doing, which I don't.


  1. I see those hairs in the woods here too, but they belonged to hairy dogs. I don't know nature will consume this or will it ever blowing along? Btw I couldn't even see your photos a few hours ago, only black squares with a little dot in the middle. Blogger again....

  2. Great title for this post.

    These two photos really show - for me - the superiority of the DSLR. But really, the iPhone is very good.

  3. looks like here - the horses are trying to shed and i keep telling them to 'hold their horses' as we have another freeze this week. :)

    i thought the iphone version of this was very good.

  4. This reminds me of the annual 'unShaggy-ing' of my Shaggy dog :)

  5. I wonder if the birds enjoy the free nesting material?

    That iphone takes great photos..especially when you consider what all else it does.

  6. I have had to stop using the DSLR because of the weight of it around my neck and my neck and back problems. I have returned to my trusty point and shoot and seem reconciled to the change. This getting old is for the birds :-)


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