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Monday, February 10, 2014

Napa Valley Rain Tasting

What better thing to do on a rainy Sunday but to go wine tasting.  With two other couples we drove from our Sonoma Valley over the "hill" into the Napa Valley and hit a very small fraction of the wineries to be had.
I can't remember the names of every place we went but the first place was this. I don't drink but I did take a picture of the glass before handing it back to the lady.

Lots of barrels.  I must remember to keep my finger away from the lens of the iPhone.
This is through a glass window.  

I used the iPhone all day as I am trying to get used to it and hopefully use it more during my travels.
More glass with reflection of the ceiling light.

Inside one of the large stainless steel vats looking up.

Yeah, while they are all sippin and talking silly wine talk, 

I am wandering around exploring and getting into things.

At the end of this first place he brought a plate of chocolates to "pair" with the last wine.  Now I have something I can get into.  Except he went and drizzled olive oil and sea salt over the chocolates!  Ecch!  
I got the picture before he ruined them. 

I still ate some trying not to think oily salt.  Why not put bacon grease on it and be done?
We then moved on to the next stop.


  1. I would like a winetour and have some wine in such a beautiful glass. The combination of wine and chocolate is a bit "weird" I think and with the oil and salt it is disgusting, yek.

  2. interesting trip. I would like to do that myself. Who knows I will do it sometimes.

  3. Hmmm. I have never tried chocolate with olive oil and salt. Sounds a bit, well, weird.

  4. Chocolate and bacon.... You might have something there.

  5. laughing at the 'ruined' chocolates. i'm guessing it went well with the vintage. :)

    really love those shiny vats!!

  6. I can see chocolate and bacon being good! LOL You got me laughing this morn.

  7. I can see chocolate and bacon being good! LOL You got me laughing this morn.

  8. Nothing like wine tasting in Napa.

  9. Between the bacon grease chocolate and the wine stain jerseys, you are really giving away the farm.


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