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Thursday, February 27, 2014


   Occasionally I get asked a question in the comments of my blog posts.   Comments come into my e-mail and I enjoy answering questions and giving unsolicited advice.  But if the the e-mail address of the commentor shows (noreply-comment@blogger.com) after their name I cannot answer your question.  I could answer it in the comments section of my post but how many people go back checking blog posts after already viewing them?

(much, much later)

   Okay, so the intent behind this post was to show you how to have your e-mail address show so all we have to do is reply back directly to you.  I planned on writing out the steps to be taken to do this and was trying to retrace these steps as I wrote it out...but I was having a heck of a time verifying what I thought was the proper procedure.  I dug deeper into the "help" section and finally discovered Blogger changed this long ago for it was creating too many issues with people and their security.  Ya can't put your e-mail address in there anymore!  Grrrr....
   So how do I answer questions?  I don't know unless you are one of the few who are grandfathered in to having your e-mail address visible.  Better think twice if you ever want to change that as there is no going back.

   Anyway, what got me onto this was a couple comments asking about my little tripod and how I plan to mount the iPhone to it.  Does my phone have a screw-in hole for a tripod?  No.  I made a holder for my phone using an adapter that came with my mono-pod.  Maybe there is something out there one can buy to hold their phone onto a tripod but I haven't looked.

The V shaped thingy is to cradle a long lens in when using the mono-pod.  
I bent the wire piece to hold the iPhone against the V piece.

  The inspector approves.



  1. I assume we still get a shot with the iphone on the tripod as it seems to be clear to Sinbad but not to me. One picture say more then a thousand (written?) words .

  2. you asked .... if I do leave a question on a blog post, I copy-paste the addy on a sticky-note on my desktop --- it's a reminder to go back later for a reply.

  3. That's one tough looking inspector.

  4. hi sinbad! :)

    yeah, anyone who uses the google+ profile instead of the old blogger profile no longer has their email linked to their comment. truly a flaw in my opinion. haven't looked at the profile set-up page in a long time to realize they even removed that option. stupid google trying to force us over to g+

  5. Speaking of Google, I ran across my "history" yesterday telling me minute by minute what I have done on the net. Are you interested in this? I am NOT and further suspect Google is the only entity that is. Where we go and what we do on the net is fairly marketable, isn't it?


  6. I think kitties are so naturally curious, I know mine is. Sinbad looks all recovered these days.

  7. I learned myself to look back at blogs when I have commented. I discovered that some people take the time to answer each comment! I don't do that, only when somebody has a question or something to react on. I gave a reaction on your comment today.....

  8. Changing back to my blogger id from a google id took away my email address in any comments. What a cute kitty- he is really checking it out isn't he?!

  9. I wish Google would leave things alone!

  10. You’ve gotta love the photos of Sinbad....so cute. Your creation is so clever. Thanks for telling me about this earlier. I fixed it ASAP and have had no problems.


I appreciate my commenters. Thank you. Sometimes you may ask a question which I am all too happy to answer. But if your comment comes in as Betsy-noreply-comment - I cannot reply back. Change you comment settings to include an e-mail address and then bloggers can reply.