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Sunday, February 16, 2014

On Social Media

   The other day I was reading an article on "Life Traps" and this one item I thought interesting:

"Social media is our culture's most narcissistic creation.  Everyone is posting things they want others to see, but no one cares, because they are all just posting things they want others to see.  It's an awful little circle in the age of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, showing what you've done to the faceless masses is easier now than ever before.  But when you are concentrating on capturing the moment for someone else to see, you miss out on it yourself.  And don't forget, no one actually cares how much you pretend to enjoy yourself, so you might as well actually enjoy yourself.  What a novel concept!"

   So blogging wasn't listed among the evils of social media.  I wonder if that was with purpose or an oversight of the author.  Personally I don't feel blogs fall into the same category as Facebook and the like.  Incidentally I don't and have never engaged in any of these vices.  This blog is my only social media exposure.  I look at blogs to see people, places, things, a way of life where I'll most likely never get to see in person.  People show me this in the photos they display [things they want others to see].  Yes, there are lots of times I take a picture with the blog in mind so I guess you can say I am [concentrating on capturing the moment for someone else to see] but I don't feel I miss out on it myself.  Sometimes I do forget to take a picture of something I had intended for the blog.  Yesterday's post was a good example of that.  Seems to me like I am not concentrating enough.


  1. I can see where the author was 'coming from' --- though where was it written? Someone where someone would read it?

  2. I agree with you totally,John Lee. I blog and read blogs, to connect with people from other places and cultures that I would never otherwise have connected with.Yours,is a case in point. My wife, who is American,often complains that much of what she remembers of America has gone forever. I just tell her to check out your blog! Thanks for taking us along for the ride.


  3. Some thoughts to ponder here, for sure. I take most of my photos so that I can see things better. I am trying to capture the moment for myself first and then to share with others. But I don't think I process information as quickly as the majority of people so I HAVE to think about what I see later during "down time." I think a camera enhances my experience. I do have a Facebook page but I don't post to it regularly. You are right that interaction on FB is a quite different experience from blogging. Now I will go off and ponder more about this. ;)

  4. Yes, I think blogging is more an international thing. I like to read about other places and watch pictures of people's life overthere.And sometimes when I see a "reflection" or a "mural" there is a bell ringing, can use it for my blog. And I make more photos of things I visit to place on my blog. I didn't do that before, I just watched it. I think bloggers are a bit older too than the social media people. We have other interests.Btw, I like your photo's of the winebottles and what's in it....

  5. I agree with bieb. Bloggers have more interest in other cultures and history. If they are really older I don't know but when I look on the posts I look at they are But perhaps thats my own interest.

  6. very cool 'things you saw' there. :)

    i'm only a blogger as well. i don't face, tweet or pin. or insta-nada. :)

    i think blogging has made me more aware of what's around me only because now i stop to see it to photograph it whereas before i may have just glanced over.

  7. So sharing things with others is narcissistic.....Sorry?

  8. Deep thoughts indeed! I agree that much of social media for the young can be indiscriminate, thoughtless and trivial, (who really cares about every thought you tweet or a photo of the candy bar you had for lunch), and can have more serious negative consequences, but I do agree that for mature audiences, it is a window to the world and a way to connect with people who have similar interests.

  9. Agree John. I left my blog for awhile and jumped on the facebook ship. Didn't last long, I'd rather blog.

    Neat bottle pics.


  10. I actually think Blogging should have been added to the list. There are alot of blogs out there that are just an extension of FB, Twitter and others.

  11. I do do facebook...but sure not like other people...and I am not 'friends' with hundreds of people I don't know. Just don't see the point in it, and can see bad things coming from it. I spend way more time blogging...a lot for the same reasons you listed.

    I have blogs I visit for friendship and fun, and make comments on those...I have a long list I visit for quilting inspiration. If they already have a million comments, I don't take the time. But if they just have a few, if I really like something, I comment. (I only visit majority of quilt blogs about once a month...though I have two or three that cross over to the friend list)

    And I swear, I do learn something new almost every day I blog. Even in blogging, I don't visit a gazillion, though that is okay. I just don't have the time.

    Well, I bet that is more than you wanted to here...guess I am in a talkative mood this day.

  12. I used to do Facebook but gave it up because I felt it was pointless myself. No one really had anything interesting to say. Blogging is much more expressive, and I don't "cultivate" a following. I'm just looking for like minded individuals to ride along occasionally. I spend a lot of time rereading my own posts to reminisce about my adventures and inspire me to plan new ones. Not to mention get inspired to improve my photography skills. Nothing like thinking about how you could have captured something better to prod you to go out and try again!

  13. I blog and facebook and indeed pop up in other places. Everything is fine in moderation. Indeed somepeoples' facebooking is to much but there are also some cringeworthy blogs out there. It's quite good that this person has drawn the line before blogs (or forgotten them). If putting yourself out there is narcissistic, then there's people who write books and letters to the newspaper - why stop at technology. Indeed, I'm going out shortly to sing songs in the pub - seems I'm damned.
    All those wine bottles have put me in the notion - in for a penny. (all comments here of course aimed at the auther of the paragraph, who likely will never see these comments, not your good self John)


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