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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Out for Coffee

We have lots of coffee houses in our area not counting the ever-present Starbucks scattered about.  
We like this one best and it is close to home.  We only pass three Starbucks in getting there.
SOCO stands for Sonoma County

I really must remember to hold the phone steady indoors.  I got a pecan sticky roll while my wife got a ginger scone.  You can see it in the first photo.  She always gets a latte.  I stick to the straight stuff.

I like this mocha java.  I was counting in getting a picture of the coffee splattered hand made sign but they must have just replaced them recently with the tape signs.  Darn as they really had character.

 Nice home style seating to be had.

  A big screen TV for some reason but fortunately the sound is always off.

Where you place your order.  They also have soups, breakfast burritos (oh so good), crepes and such to be had also.  I had intended to get a menu shot and forgot.

And they always have a local artist displaying their work.

Here, he got away from his "prison art".  Don't know what is with the black bars.

I meant to check his prices and forgot.  Sorry.


  1. it's nice to stop for coffee ... and watch the world go by, or the passing parade..while enjoying that caffeine injection

  2. It looks like a very good coffee stop but I am always amazed that you get your coffee in a paper cup and not in a stone or porcelain one as is the habit here in Europe. ( At least as you go inside to drink one).

  3. It is nice to have an inside look there. The furniture doesn't seem so clean american,I like the wooden chairs and not the plastic ones. The tv screen you see here sometimes too, but not so often, better switch it of isn't it? The artist had got a lot of room for his paintings. The "prisonbars" made me laugh, artist impression?

  4. Caffeine hound «Louis» will have to check this place out next time he's in your neck of U.S. 101! :-)

  5. Now you got me wanting a cup of coffee...this looks like a nice place to go for your morning coffee.

  6. Seldom ever go to a coffee shop but when I do I really like Spicy Chai which isn't even coffee, but black tea, loaded with spice, sugar and milk. Just what I need!



  7. Hey you could put some of your pen and ink pics in there John. Wouldn't that be great?

  8. I love the artwork. Looks like a nice place to meet up with friends.

  9. You are lucky to have such a nice shop near your home. I want to have something nice like this where I live.

    Peace :)

  10. Interesting the comments the Europeans made. I wish they'd do away with TVs in restaurants altogether. It's gotten quite out of hand. We've been to some out here where there isn't anywhere to look and not see one.


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