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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Quiz Time Kids

The following pictures were taken with my three cameras - a point and shoot, the iPhone and my DSLR.  
Can you tell what is done with what?  
Each set of three are in the same order so there is no mixing up of the cameras.
No adjustments were made; all straight out of the camera.


Shade and light mix

Full on sun

You don't have to put what you think in a comment unless you want.  I'm not expecting that.  Just something to look at and think a little about.  Tomorrow, thus giving everyone a chance, I'll post what number photo in each set goes with which camera.  I bet most of you will get it anyway.
Sorry but no prizes are given.


  1. a good experiment John and I look forward to your answers

  2. I think the first serie gives something away by the bokeh or DOF. But the other 2 are completely interchangeable on my screen. Yes food for thoughts.

  3. You make it difficult for me to see the differences, reminds me of those puzzles in magazines, "look for the differences" between two images. But I may hope you expensive camera has the best results, but as you said before, your I-phone has good results, so I bet that is the one.

  4. i prefer the first of each set - keeps the most detail even in bright light.

  5. hmmm, its a tough call. I think i could pick the dslr one but not sure about the point and shoot and phone.

  6. The camera matters to a good degree, but the sheer joy of seeing these things in person and enjoying taking the photos, tops it all. I like them all.

    Peace :)

  7. I don't dare venture a guess my iPhone has taken some shots that really put my camera to shame.

  8. I don't dare venture a guess my iPhone has taken some shots that really put my camera to shame.

  9. You're sure they are all in the same order? Just kidding...though serious I like the last one in the first set but prefer the first in the other two. Maybe it has something to do with my computer.

  10. Ver interesting to see this comparison even though I already know the answers. Your phone does surprisingly well. The DSLR is superior, though.


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