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Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Answer Sheet

The first photo in each set was done with the DSLR

The second photo is from the point and shoot.

Lastly was the iPhone

The iPhone was at a slight disadvantage for I am not that used to using it as much and don't do the exposure and focusing tools as well as I could.  Also I don't hold it as steady as I should most of the time.  I need more practice with it.  You can click here for a quick go-back to yesterday's post
 to see the pictures once again now that you know.


  1. I'm wondering do you have a clear favourite?

  2. I'm so used to control the settings that I hardly ever use the iPhone camera, except when I'm too lazy to take note of something.
    I went to mushroom picking some times in England, very fun, and very delicious! ;-)

  3. i upgraded my samsung galaxy phone last year (from 8 mp to 13 mp camera). the new one has a lot more trouble focusing and i often get blurry shots so have to take several if i plan on getting a good one. *sigh*

  4. I also find it harder to hold a camera phone staedy,although it does do a good job, I have the HTC ONE.
    All the best Gordon.

  5. I haven't got a smart phone John as my 10 year old cell phone still works and I only text now and again. I am impressed with the phones image's though.

  6. The DSLR is my favorite of these...but I do wonder how the iPhone shot would be if you used it a lot.

  7. I think the DSLR is the clearest and has better color saturation. That being said, it can be very difficult because the resolution is so good on phone cameras and point-and-shoot cameras now. My iPhone is old, and I don't even think it has exposure and focusing tools! I just point and shoot, and it does pretty well. But I notice a lot more grain and less clarity vs. a full-frame DSLR. Great post!

  8. The capabilities of all cameras these days is remarkable - I read an article recently about how a wedding photographer who tried to use a mirror less camera system - but people kept mentioning that he was not using a "proper camera" - so he had to go back to his old DSLR, even through it was actually less good!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  9. Is the colour in the first shot closest to what your eyes saw? It's the most appealing to my eyes.


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