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Friday, February 28, 2014

Update on noreply-comment@blogger

Felicia at Raggedy Creations sent me an e-mail informing me that YES, we can still add our e-mail address to our comments address for easy reply from a blogger.  Here are her directions to make those changes if you would like to make it easy for a blogger to answer your question in his or her comments:

If a blogger clicks on the design button on the top right of the blog that takes them into a setting page.  On the top right hand corner of this page you will see your blog name with a drop down arrow beside it.  Click on the drop down and a little box will appear.  If you now click on blogger profile another page will come up.  On the right hand side of this page click on edit profile.
A page will come up Privacy right at the top.  The second line that says "show my email address" is where people have to make sure a check mark is.  Then they are not a "no reply blogger"

Here is a link to a blog post about the google + no reply thing.
Thank you Felicia!  As TexWisGirl commented below and the above link shows, if you use Google+ you cannot make the change.  I don't use Google+.  Didn't care for it and I have a difficult time navigating through those blogs of those that do use it.  Keep it simple I always say.

I had an inquiry as to how the iPhone fit into the contraption I designed.  Since I took yesterday's pictures with the phone I wasn't able to show it in place.  Too lazy to go get my camera I was.  So here is the phone in the holder.

 The V is hard rubber and doesn't scratch the screen plus I am careful in slipping the phone in place.
If I find myself using this often I'll look into getting a more proper holder for the phone.


  1. Now I get how the iPhone works in the tripod. Thanks, John.

  2. I get it now John. Thanks for showing.

  3. you're sure to find the holder useful at times John....especially if you want to shoot a video

  4. sadly, anyone who uses the google+ profile instead of the blogger profile still won't have a repliable comment.


I appreciate my commenters. Thank you. Sometimes you may ask a question which I am all too happy to answer. But if your comment comes in as Betsy-noreply-comment - I cannot reply back. Change you comment settings to include an e-mail address and then bloggers can reply.