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Friday, March 28, 2014

Judge Roy Bean, Langtry, Texas

I was in desperate need of milk.  Every little store in south Texas had only 2% and full on whole milk.  Non-fat milk is a rare commodity in these parts.  I missed another store in Langtry (darn near missed Langtry altogether) and turned off the highway to loop back around.  It was then I came upon Judge Roy Bean's Jersey Lilly Saloon.  This was on my list of things to see for this trip but ever since the breakdown I haven't been thinking too clearly.  I stopped, went in the the real nice tourist information center leaving my camera back with Sinbad.  
Remember, I'm not thinking straight.  So I used the iPhone for these.

Click on this picture so you can read it better if you wish. 
It was such a nice sign I didn't want to crop it out.

It kind of looks like something made up but it is the real deal, the rebuilt saloon after a fire destroyed the original one in 1896.
I guess I have in mind saloons like you see in the movies but you have to remember this was no big town, just a little railroad stopover in the vast southwest Texas wild lands. 

I suppose it was okay to cuss quietly.  The spitting on the floor part, just think about it.

 I was really expecting some sort of theater venue so was a bit disappointed to see it was in name only. On a side note, I have with me a 6 CD set of 100 of the best opera classics that I am listening to as we cross Texas.  It just seems so fitting.  So now you know a little bit more about me and are probably glad you don't have to ride along listening Puccini, Verdi, Rossini, Mozart and more.

After reading that the few items inside were not original I didn't bother taking any pictures.
Remember, "not thinking clearly" plus I was on that quest for non-fat milk.

The little store didn't have milk of any type, but I did get some really cool "Don't Mess With Texas" stickers at the visitor center where one was promptly placed on the back of the RV.
I love Texas!

I spent two days at the previous blog post Seminole Canyon, rested up and am now back on track thinking clearly once again.  Oh yeah, found non-fat milk in Del Rio Texas.  All is good.


  1. great images; the signs in the bar ...wonder did patrons take note of signs then. Would they work now? Take care

  2. Nice pictures of that bar and the sign about not spitting.... Have a nice trip.

  3. Great story and a very interesting interior. Thanks for showing.

  4. laughing at your milk search - and glad you are 'righted' again.

    cool to see this old saloon. i had heard of judge roy bean as they used to have some restaurants by that name in dallas. ate at one of them until they closed up.

  5. Glad you found your milk and that searching for it brought you to Langtry, Texas. I bet traveling to the music of Verde, Puccini, etc. is very entertaining. Do you sing along too?.

  6. That's excellent! I'm picturing Stacy Keach as Bad Bob, drinking a pot of boiling coffee from the pot itself, fresh off the fire. One of the few videos I actually own....

  7. P.S. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubjIc3qLPds


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