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Friday, March 7, 2014

Mushrooms Galore

Once I arrived at my next secret trail head (with no water crossing to negotiate) mushrooms were all over the place, more than I've ever been able to locate at any other time before.

They were so happy after waiting for the rains for so long.

These are called Turkey Tails

and I just don't remember seeing them so brilliantly colored before.  

They last year around but are usually dried out and pale colored.  
The rain makes them come to life in full technicolor.

It's been so long since it last rained real good I think I just forgot what they are suppose to look like.
I am back out there today looking for more.  For me the hunt is as much fun as photographing them.


  1. Yes water does a lot for nature.

  2. Yes water does wonders but not to much please.

  3. quite the treat to find them in peak condition like this John; made of great nature shots

  4. You're right, those are very colourful turkey tails!

  5. You should check out the mushrooms on Mt. Tam Blog he's been capturing. The link is on my blogroll if you want to see them. Makes me want to hop on plane and go! Glad it's spring for you guys out there, no sign in sight yet here.

  6. Mushrooms sure do have a way of secretly waiting and waiting...and then popping up after some rainy weather. I really like the ones in your second photo.

  7. lovely mushroom shots. Do morel mushrooms grow in CA John. I love to deep fry them.


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