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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Nothing Remains the Same

Located between Marfa and Valentine Texas stands this "art piece" in the middle of the vast west Texas flatlands.  Since we were last here 3 years ago, it has fallen victim to vandals.  Both ends of the building had been marked with graffiti and then covered over.   Worse still some idiot had sliced the front edge of both awnings.  You can see my post from 2011 here.  

I say nothing remains the same but the inventory inside was the same.  
I guess sales are pretty slow in these parts of Texas. 


  1. That is funny such a piece of art in the middle of nowhere.

  2. ...well, I'm liking the blue sky John

  3. Must be the most lonely prada shop I ever saw.

  4. sad about the graffiti and vandalism. i do remember you posting this place before.

  5. Good ole Texas.
    Was a great place to live except for the intense heat :)

  6. I remember your original post. Three years later, Prada is still funny.


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