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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Open for Business

Over a year ago a nearby convenience store and gas station had to shut down because some yahoos tried to steal gas at 3 am, got back into their van, lit a cigarette to celebrate their success and promptly blew up their van (as it was filled with gasoline fumes from the cans inside) and one of the gas pumps.  The idiots escaped and as far as I know were never apprehended.  The place sat closed for a long time until a buyer finally came along and refurbished the entire business.
They recently had their grand opening. 

Inside is a deli and coffee bar separated by a wall from the convenience store.  Also there is a drive-up window you can just see over the man's shoulder.  Nice music from the '40's was playing adding to the pleasant atmosphere.  
The wood barrel there contains large dill pickles.  Haven't seen a pickle barrel in a long time.

A sign for those who don't know what makes up the different designer coffee drinks.  
Really, how many of you knew?  Not I.
I usually go for an Americano while my wife always gets a latte.

Their menu signs were the best I've ever seen.  Very nicely done.

Okay, I have to admit something here, I get into places like this and have a difficult time taking things in.  Too much incoming all at one time for me to process.  After I put these pictures up I took the time to read all they had to offer and this looks pretty good.  I think their sandwiches are a little bit less than where I usually go plus a lot less people are in the way.
I'll have to start coming here in the future.

They've been featured in the local newspapers and the best part of each write-up is where the owner says that they have "nice seating inside and outside where you can watch people fill their cars with gas which can be very entertaining at times".  I bet, especially at 3 am.

All picture were done with my iPhone.  
What an amazing little contraption which I've probably used the phone function all of three times.

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  1. Nice reportage John. Must admit the signs are indeed better then most. Hope the taste should be as good as the signs. Wonder what they mean by London fogs upon request. A steaming tea that damped out the whole place? 1-0 for the photographing iphone.

  2. Glad is is open again, I go for a Americano too always don't need any special in my coffee. Had to laugh about the sign you can watch the people filling their cars! Can't wait to watch that....

  3. hope they do well - I'm like you, when seeing those boards written up with all the differing combinations, it's so confusing when you know they 'just want your order'. I always end up just getting something straight-forward and maybe missing out on something new and really tasty! I'm a make mine a flat-white when out, and black-coffee at home! Love my caffeine fixes.

  4. it does look nice! like you, i stand there trying to decipher all the different choices and usually end up letting someone else go before me so i can figure stuff out before i choose.

    i'd have zero idea on coffee or versions of it. coffee-black with a bit of cream (milk) please.

  5. That's the best looking 7 Eleven I've seen!

  6. This looks like a great place to fill up the tank and yours too.
    I like the ambiance and I agree that the prices look pretty good with lots of choices.
    I never can decide between a latte and a Capuchino, now I see the difference.

  7. A wonderful little business John... I really hope they make it a success. Your iphone takes fantastic images.

  8. I'm glad it's back to business and the signage inside are really cute.

    frankly my dear

  9. I hope the tables are upwind of the pumps! Also, it's funny that regular old "coffee" had to be squeezed in at the bottom of the list. My wife gets decaf soy lattes, but I never get anything. Too confusing, and I really just like a plain old coffee. I will make an occasional exception, later in the day of course, for an affogado....

  10. looks like a neat place. Glad it didn't stay deserted.

  11. I'm on my way (I wish)...sounds like such a fun place. I remember when we used to look for all night restaurants...and loved finding a good one. That was a few years ago tho;)....but people watching and lattes are grreat in the morning too!

  12. I would definitely be a regular visitor to this spot, especially if they play my much-loved but seldom-heard 40's music!

  13. Sounds like they are off to a good start! I wish them much success.

  14. Nice looking deli. Places like this always have good food.

  15. I will be having a chai latte and a veggie burrito.

    This looks like a nice place, clean and fresh. I bet they keep it that way too.

    Cheers and happy chow,


  16. «Louis», being in the coffee business knows the different drinks.He, too, favors Americanos.

    Nice looking place. He'll have to check it out the next time he's in Santa Rosa.


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