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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Seminole Canyon, Texas

The snakes had better sense than I and stayed in their holes 
all snug and warm against the blowing the wind.

They weren't just a woofin' either!

See!  On the edge just to get this photo for you.

At trail's end

Looks like some people didn't read the sign.

 These snail shells were scattered all around the area.  I asked the ranger ladies back at camp about them.  One didn't seem to be aware of them and the other had to think about it some.  I guess people don't notice things like I do or ask questions.  She said they are a land snail and come out more so when it is wet.  Who would of thought snails lived in the desert?


  1. we get some of those snail shells here and some other more curled/round ones, too. like the canyon! glad you didn't blow off into it!

  2. Looks like a great walk. The desert snails are an interesting find. Glad the wind didn't blow you over the cliff!

  3. Beautiful canyon. I probably would have turned back at the Snake sign.

  4. I wouldn't have thought to throw rocks into that canyon - not till I saw the sign anyway! The rangers would do well to learn more about the snails and spend less effort putting up signs :)

  5. It is a very remote area where you are now. No houses or people seen in the surroundings.

  6. Nice landscape. Have some trouble to estimate the depth of that canyon. Looks huge.

  7. At least they warn you about the snakes. Beautiful territory. Oh and I bet you threw a stone into the canyon didn't you John. Come on now tell the truth. LOL

  8. Beautiful canyon and funny sign about the rocks. Doesn't surprise me that you notice stuff the rangers don't. You have to be a practicing bureaucrat to be able to ignore the beauty all around you.


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