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Wednesday, March 5, 2014


With no rain in the forecast, it was a nice day to go for a hike.  I chose to do my little known trail into the park up into Frey Canyon.  Early on the trail crosses the stream bed which is normally dry.  You can see the crossing up ahead in this photo.

But once there it was impossible to cross without getting wet.  Boulder hopping was out of the question.  The rocks were wet, covered with moss and slicker than snot on a glass door knob.  It was guaranteed I'd slip, lose my footing and "splash" dunking the camera into the water.

I went up further to find a narrower spot with no luck.  One can go only so far on this side for the canyon wall comes right down to the stream bed.  This is why the trail crosses back a ways.

Like this is only 4 or 5 feet across.  
The rocks are slippery, and there is no room to get a running start to leap across.  

The trail is right there too!  So tantalizing close but just a wee bit too far.  
Quite frustrating as you can imagine.

So I walked back to the car and went to another trail on the other side of the park.

 This is my first post on the new computer doing outdoor "nature" pictures.  They look pretty good to me so I didn't do anything to them with my photo program.  Not that I ever do much of anything to my pictures anyway, but now it makes me wonder if I was messing up photos in the past which were already decent pictures to begin with straight out of the camera.


  1. Nice pic's and a pity for your hike but good for nature I guess.

  2. You better take no risks to fall on the stones and break a bone. Stay on the safe side that looks very well to me, but I understand you didn't feel to go back the same way.Dilemma's....

  3. a beautiful rainforest effect there John; do you get leeches over there too?

  4. Slicker than snot on a glass doorknob...
    Beautiful photos, pleasant imagery...

  5. i loved these for the moss and the ferns and the running water! ugh!

  6. Wise choice to back track. The water will recede soon and then you can explore that trail.

  7. I've been in that situation a good many times - it always looks like it'll be easy to step across just upstream, but it rarely is.

  8. your pics were fine before and they are fine now John,very nice.

  9. The pics look great! Too bad about all the water.

  10. It looks like a wonderful place. I would love to hear that water.

  11. It's so pretty there but moss and mud are way too slippery for jumping across creeks.

  12. These all look great, John. If you ever want to play with a polarizing filter in such an environment (with lots of reflective surfaces), you can get results that can't be duplicated in post-processing.


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