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Monday, March 10, 2014

Sunnyside Up

I was setting up to photograph one of these mushrooms, another first sighting for me.  Setting up is a process: lay down a small canvas tarp to kneel on in the wet and muck, flatten out the tripod, get the camera the right distance from the subject, then begin carefully moving forest debris out of the way.  If you ever played the game of pick-up sticks when a kid, it is a lot like that.  When I went to move the final slender twig, the mushroom fell over!  "Beans!"  I tried propping it up but it just didn't look right so I packed up all my gear and moved on, disappointed that I lost out on a first.  A little way down the trail I found another in much better shape, and here it is.   

Reminds me of a fried egg.

 The set-up for the above photos.

The set-up for yesterday's golf ball sized white blob.


  1. Its a remarkable likeness indeed. The trouble we photographers have to endure for making that shot and then the disappointment by toppling over of the subject. Yes it doesn't come easy.

  2. You made me laugh John, all the efforts and then the subject just falls down! Photographing is a tricky occupation.....

  3. well set up John and it sure is like a fried egg.

  4. you do enjoy these challenges. :)

  5. What a lazy mushroom. It could have posed at least for one shot.

  6. Hi John... Love you and your mushroom tails!!
    A new sighting of of whatever flips your boat is always fun, and yes it does look like a egg!! : )
    What we go through for a one shot deal!! I have never used a tripod!!


  7. Wow... did not know that mushrooms were so delicate that it supports itself on the twigs.
    Nice macro.

  8. sure does look like an egg.

    I thought you were gonna say when you picked up the stick it moved. LOL.


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