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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Unexpected Adventure

Breakdown on Interstate 10

Midway between the California border and Phoenix Arizona,  a belt frayed on the engine.  The fine piece of fray flap flapped around cutting a rubber line transmission fluid ran in to the cooler.  Loss all transmission fluid = loss all of going anywhere.  We made it to a nice rest stop,

where the last of the fluid dribbled out onto the pavement.

There was beautiful scenery all around.

Some medication was required to deal with the situation.  
Just kidding.  I don't drink, but found this nearby while waiting for the tow truck and thought it funny.

Big enough truck, ya think?!  
Nice guy Bob who said yes, he has hauled those big monster motor homes on this.

Sinbad and I got to ride in the RV on the way into a Dodge dealer in Avondale outside of Phoenix.  Wow, that is the way to travel.  I sat back and enjoyed the scenery as we motored on.

Bob backed that big rig right to the loading bay

where it looks like we will be camping for awhile.  
We have everything we need and even get free internet and shade too.
What more could we ask for?


  1. Thinking on the sentence in your header its another adventure mess and you are now in the middle of it.
    So a nice start of your trip. Hope the damage will be not to much.

  2. Sometimes we don't realize that unexpected events make our adventures more exciting. ;-)

  3. O this is a bad start of the journey. You don't expect such things but it can happen indeed. Hope the RV can drive soon again.

  4. well there made for a differing blog post John. Shame about the incident but lucky you had help nearby. I guess you could at least go make yourself a cuppa and read if you wanted while they worked on the engine. Better days ahead...

  5. that could have been much, much worse! so glad you made it to a rest stop and had good tow/trailer service!

  6. Rough start to the adventure...but know you all will be up and running before too long. Buddy is going to be doing another of the mountain races Saturday. The photo I posted was taken when he did a partial dry run to get the feel of it all. Yep, he had to get to the top where he is and then back down and has 8 or 9 hours to finish. Will let you know how he does. I just pray the ice and snow are gone and the ground is DRY.

  7. It's a real bummer to start a trip with a misadventure like that. I hope everything gets repaired and doesn't end the trip.

  8. I thought I recognized that rest stop. Glad it didn't happen in the middle of no where. My aunt lives near Avondale. Thank you for your comment today these last few days have been pretty rough.

  9. Uh-oh.....so sorry this happened but a cardinal rule of the road is never say anything good about your rig while you're on a trip!!! That previous post about other RVs in your life put a big target on your back! Hope you're back on the road soon.

  10. Dang, that is a bummer. Reminds me of some "fun" experiences too. Gotta love it. Glad you're back on the road and hope the rest of your trip is extra good.

  11. sorry for this unexpected bump in the road.


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