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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Witches Butter

This is one of my favorite fungi.  I had one log noted where I could see Witches Butter each year but a couple years ago the log got washed away much to my disappointment.  So I was very happy to find a new source this year.  Witches Butter is edible but the scientific name tremella mesenterica  translates to "trembling intestine".  I think I'll pass, not that I was considering sampling it.  I've been asked before and no, I don't pick or eat any mushrooms I photograph.  First off, I don't need any added adventure in my life and secondly, I like to leaves things so others may enjoy them.

Further down the trail I spied this which I have never seen before.  It looks similar but I think it must be something different entirely.  Now I have two top favorites.  There are a couple people who follow my blog that know all things of nature so maybe they will chime in and tell me/us what this is.  I hope it has a cool name like Witches Butter has.

Lastly, I'll just throw this one in here as it was another first for me.  I took enough pictures of it but just could never seem to get it in focus.  Poor lighting, being all white with no distinct edge to it and bad eyes all added up to a so-so image that only so much correction afterwards could do.  It was about the size of a golf ball.


  1. the Witches Butter looks neat!

  2. Those fungies look very exotic to me.I can't help you with names I am not good in that. When I buy flowers, I always point at them, that red one, or yellow one....

  3. the 2nd one looks like a fried egg. :) the 3rd one is a scrubbing bubble.

  4. Very nice fungi. Its not difficult to see were the word witches butter come from.

  5. John, the washed-out witch's butter is just old (and tired)! The blob is a mushroom being parasitized by another fungus!


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