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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Jamestown, Virginia

The first English settlement in what would be the United States of America.  Again, this was not in my plan (not that I travel with a plan anyway).  I was looking at the map one evening...and like the Wright brothers site, "Hey, I'll go there".  It was fascinating and overwhelming both.  Way too much to see and read about in one visit.  The visitor center and museum was excellent.  As I walked around the grounds I thought back when in school learning US history and Jamestown being an important part.  I'm sure little Johnny never thought about going there someday at that time. 

Rest assured that when we get back home I will have more to show and say about the places I show on the blog.  These posts I am doing now I do with the iPad using my little 3G telephone to connect up.  So its all my little phone can handle.  If I ever stay somewhere with some internet connection I can do more (with the laptop) plus respond to some of the answers asked in the comments.

I will say that so far I am finding the Virginia countryside simply wonderful.  It's got Florida beat by a country mile. The area is full of history and the roadsides are littered with historical marker sign posts.  Of course there is nowhere to pull off the road but that is okay.  If I were stopping to read them all I'd never get anywhere. 


  1. full of history, for sure! i've never been in that area.

  2. isn't it wonderful to find a place that you actually get so much out of like this? Lots of memories and yes it is quite amazing when we 'think back' as to where we've been over the years and the roads we've travelled and experiences we've encountered

  3. Not much left but cool to see.

  4. Have they incorporated into the visit the latest discovery that there is evidence of cannibalism in early Jamestown? The suffering during the first winters must have been terrible. Agreed, Virginia has a lot to offer.

  5. It sounds as though you're having an interesting trip and I look forward to hearing more when you're safely back in the harbour.

  6. I would love to visit Colonial Williamsburg, don't know if you are close or not.

  7. Wow -- you sure get around. Give your co-pilot a pat on the back for me.


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