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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Abraham Lincoln Tree Stump

We were passing through another one of the lovely little mid-west towns in Iowa when I came across this and just had to stop, or in my case with the Little House on the Highway, get slowed down enough to go around the block or cut across the road, turn around and go back to park.  
What a wonderful use of a tree that had to be taken down.

Abe's hat was made from a metal stove pipe and flange.


  1. I must admit that there is a good likeliness. Nice connotation to the road and a great man. I like it.

  2. That is very creative, someone is very talented to use the tree for this artwork and sign as well.

  3. quite unique John; welcome back

  4. quite clever! especially the 'true' stove pipe use.

  5. that is pretty neat. I would have stopped too.

  6. You really found some unique things...love this one, too.


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