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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Biggest Little Village Mural

Sutherland, Nebraska (pop. apx. 1200)

A fun little mural in a small town that calls itself "The Biggest Little Village in Nebraska".
The red,white and blue stripe represents the Lincoln Highway.
They are proud of their reservoir for some reason so it made it onto the mural.
The boat anchor, I have no idea. 

The Oregon Trail and the Mormon Trail both pass by near Sutherland.
The Pony Express route went through Sutherland as well.
That is why the horse rider and the wagon.
The Union Pacific Railroad still uses the tracks behind the building.

Today just the Lincoln Highway sees any action anymore, and not very much of that except for the locals and travelers like Sinbad and myself who would rather drive it than Interstate 80 a few miles to the south.  The little building once was a service station for Frontier Gas.  Nope, I never heard of Frontier Gas either until seeing this mural and the sign standing tall nearby.  
But the gas evidently left your car "Rarin' to Go!"

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  1. It's funny how the little building looks so tiny when we see it by the mural, as if it was a accessory. ;-)

  2. It is a huge mural in the middle of nowhere, just made for the passers by. But some artist had a great time here.

  3. Yes in the back ally's you find the most interesting things. The mural artist here has a kind of naivety
    that fits great with the size of the village. Thanks for showing John.

  4. Bright and cheerful. "Rarin' to go" is a great description of what that car looks like. The back roads are far more interesting than the Interstates. Too bad most of us are always in a hurry.

  5. Fun! It is great driving some of the back roads through the States.

  6. the mural is cool. that little building is ADORABLE!

  7. Nice mural. Very familiar with the Lincoln Highway as it also runs through my hometown in northwest Indiana. :)


    My mural - http://thirtysevenandcounting.wordpress.com/2014/05/26/monday-mural-signs-tell-city-flood-wall/

  8. Nice one! There is little to see on the main highways!

  9. Yup I'm thinking that the mural would be nice distraction on a long trip, I don't suppose that cute little house to the side is a cafe :) John I'm fascinated that you travel with a cat, I realize Sinbad is not JUST a cat, but I was wondering.. do you have to worry about him zipping off?

  10. Hey that's way cool. The history of transportation all in a pretty mural!

  11. Very cool mural- and a neat little building too!

  12. I like the fact that the gas station sign is still there, great historical artifact.

  13. Yeah, it's like finding out that Santa Claus is a myth -- the gas that makes a car "raring to go" comes out of the same hole and is pretty much exactly the same as the brand that "puts a tiger in your tank".

  14. Such a wonderful burst of colour.

  15. I like the mural and love that little gas station!


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