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Friday, May 23, 2014

Crooked River, Georgia

This is the placed where I whined about the mosquitoes in the post I made while on the road which you can revisit here.  I wasn't able to upload pictures at the time so this is where all the mosquitoes live.

The ruins of the old sugar cane mill.  I like the Spanish moss hanging in the trees.  
Georgia has a lot of that.  A lot of mosquitoes too.  At least along Crooked River.

The interesting part of the mill to me was the materials used in construction of the walls - shells.
Remember, I am giving blood at the time for these pictures.

There were oyster shells all around the area, even at the campground 
so I assume that is what is in the walls.

As I wrote in that post, honestly, I didn't get through the first sentence of this sign before I took off running for the sugar mill.  It wasn't until making this post that I read the entire sign, which really isn't all that interesting.  Definitely not worth getting mosquito bit for.

Here I am back inside the sanctuary of the Little House on the Highway taking a final picture through the window of the entire scene showing the distance to the ruins I had to run to and back from.
There was no outrunning the little buggers.  I got one itchy bite for every picture I took.

As I drove away all I could think of was living and working in the sugar cane fields and mill with mosquitoes constantly at you every second.  Re-reading my post from before I see I ended it thinking of the poor slaves working the rice fields with mosquitoes all around.  Yeah, I think a lot when I drive.


  1. In those days it was more doing and less talking. Mosquito's were just a nuisance. Nice story John.

  2. Thank you for risking your mosquito bites for us. Blogging is a hard life but it's worth it.

  3. neat pics and now I'm itching too.

  4. for sure. the humidity and skeeters would make life miserable. the shells are interesting!

  5. Nice shots. Mosquitos love me.

  6. It's interesting that in history books the reality of mosquitoes is rarely mentioned. I have read that making molasses from sugarcane was a horrible job...and that's not even factoring in the misery created by mosquitoes.

  7. I love Spanish moss...hate mosquitoes!


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