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Monday, May 5, 2014

The Lincoln Highway

Shelton, Nebraska

We've been following along the Lincoln Highway ever since we picked it up at Mississippi River over a week ago when we entered Iowa.  The highway was started in 1913 with the intention to connect New York City to San Francisco.  Much of it originally was just dirt road out west.  But for us today it looks like the photo above going through small farming communities following the Santa Fe railroad lines.  For most people though , those in a hurry, it is Interstate 80 (sometimes we can see 80 off to the side).  They are missing out on a lot of history.  The pioneer trails, Mormon, Oregon and California are what the Lincoln Highway followed from the Mississippi River on out west.  Today on maps you will see it as Highway 30.  We will eventually lose 30 in Wyoming somewhere where I-80 overlaps it on into California.  I know it goes on into Chicago heading east but beyond that, it may have suffered the same fate as it did in the west, gobbled up by an Interstate.

We probably have another week on the road before we reach home.  As usual I am having to put up this post with the power of my little iPhone since there never is any Internet where I stay.  Also, probably 80% of my pictures on this trip are with my little point and shoot camera.  I have dirt inside the lens of my DSLR (left home that way evidently) and it aggravates me to see these three big spots on all my pictures so I quit using it.  Boy, did I ever learn a lesson there!  But in spite of that and breaking down early on (which seems soooo long ago) we're having a grand time, but I think Sinbad and I have had enough and are ready for a vacation.


  1. That is a rather small sign for a highway. You have to have good eyes to see it. Enjoy your tour!

  2. LOL a vacation at home. Drive safe John.

  3. That is one long road trip. Enjoy the rest of your time.

  4. Are you sure the dirt isn't on your sensor? That's pretty common with DSLRs. A blower brush can usually get the big bits off. Or at least move them around into new patterns. :)


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