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Thursday, May 8, 2014

This is the End

We've been traveling on Highway 30, The Lincoln Highway, ever since we crossed the Mississippi River into Iowa many miles ago.  So it was kind of sad to see it come to the end at the Nebraska Wyoming border in Pine Bluffs, Wyoming.  You can see the white stripe stops right at the sign that reads

It goes over that little hump beneath the bridge, curves around and ends in someone's driveway.  You are forced to get onto Interstate 80 at that point where the signs are in the first photo.  

We drove on under dreary skies that morning as we climbed up into the Rocky Mountains.  Soon we were in "dense fog" otherwise known as clouds.  Visibility was so poor that I fell in behind a truck who felt going no faster that 45 miles per hour was good enough.  I agreed.  On through Cheyenne, Laramie and into Rawlins where we stopped for the night.  When I went back into the office to pay for the propane I had purchased the lady had the television going and said "They just reported a tornado touch down in Cheyenne."  We had just passed through there less than two hours earlier.  Good grief, I thought I left that stuff behind us in Illinois!  Time for these boys to get back to California and it's earthquakes.

Although this may be the end, it is only the beginning.  Once we get home I have enough stories and photos to keep this blog entertained for the rest of the year possibly before I have to fall back on photos of mushrooms and fungi.  We will have logged in close to 8600 miles when I pull in to the driveway having passed through 20 states.  The Little House on the Highway passed the 90,000 mile mark back in Kentucky as we approached Louisville and has averaged 18.1 miles per gallon for those of you who care to know.  We've had a great time and met many nice people along the way and avoided some we'd rather not have any contact with like the family that parked next to us in a Walmart in Sidney, Nebraska.  Oh, I got pictures.

Regarding the dirty lens issue, it is the lens.  I can see the dust inside on the front element.  Before any major trip from now on I will pay particular attention to all my camera gear well in advance before taking off on the trip.  Learn from my mistake friends.  Using my little point & shoot most of the time I felt like I was just taking snapshots rather than any creative artsy photography.  My heart wasn't in it.

Also, the little Lego man that was in a couple of my pictures...I can't find him.  I think I may have left him back at the train station in North Platte.  At least it was him and not Sinbad.

I'll leave you with this one to think about.  A trucker was next to me filling up with diesel fuel.  The Little House on the Highway is diesel.  I overheard him say something about the pumps always shut off at a certain dollar amount.  I had to go see for myself.  He said "...and that doesn't even fill the tank."


  1. I can get a hundred tankfulls for $500!

  2. What an interesting narrative. I LOVE your blog! And that last shot of the gas pump is just mind-boggling.

  3. you got good gas mileage from that diesel! glad you are getting close to home - and yes, that you still have sinbad. poor lego guy...

  4. Wow, $500! Now that's a fill-up. Your house on wheels gets almost as good mileage as my Cherokee. Looking forward to the coming pictures! Hopefully you'll give yourself enough break-time to get out and enjoy the spring greenery here in the home territories. Sorry to hear about dirt inside the lens. I don't think I've ever experienced that.

  5. While you were out traveling...I was in California for almost the entire month of April...I am curious to know about who parked beside you at Walmart.

  6. Really looking forward to your future posts John...

  7. I'll have to ask my husband how much it costs to fill his work truck (electric utility). I've never given it any thought since he uses a work issued gas card.

    Just getting caught up on all I missed the last 3 weeks, looking forward to your stories to come!

  8. Big Ouch. Sorry you lost your little man. Oh and I'm glad you had a safe journey.


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