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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Monday Mural - Welcome to Potter

Potter, Nebraska
pop. 337 (2010)
size: .46 sq. miles (1.10 km sq.)

This mural appeals to me in it's simplicity.
Also the angry buffalo, and they have good reason to be too.

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  1. "You're welcome to potter" is a sign on my local antiques shop.

  2. Funny to use a real fence to keep a mural inside.

  3. Nice to be welcomed by such a nice mural when you enter a place.

  4. i liked the comment on the fence, too. :)

  5. Very nice mural, simple, few colors.

  6. If only we could rewrite history, right?

    On a lighter note, given the hairiness of the buffalo, can we call the city, "Hairy Potter". Sorry, my dry humor is in full swing today.

    Peace :)

  7. Reminds me of a batik piece with the white outlines.

  8. I like the "warning" sign near the bull on the left. What a curiosity--such a little town, and the Wikipedia article goes in great detail about the demographics, but nothing more. Took a bit of digging (((nope, still no dog or cat here))) but I finally found the short history of the place. dubdubdub.potterne[dot]com/history.htm

  9. I like this mural too. The angry buffalo are cute!

  10. I'm impressed that such a tiny town went out of its way to create a welcoming mural. Distinctive welcome to Potter. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.

  11. Simply done but never-the-less has lots in it to see.


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