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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Monday Mural

Alpine, Texas

A fantastically colorful mural.  Just where does one go to buy such brilliantly colored paint?
Not only that but paint that can withstand the unrelenting fierce Texas sun?
(click on the pictures to see the details better)

You will notice Dan Blocker "Hoss Cartright" from the television series Bonanza.  He graduated from college here in Alpine, but his home was clear across Texas in De Kalb.  You can see little De Kalb's museum to Dan and his grave site here from a previous trip we made through Texas.

I like the 50's style of postcard.
Notice the date - 2005, and it looks like it was painted just yesterday.

This is linked to Oakland Daily Photo's Monday Mural


  1. that really does look amazing! saw hoss right off the bat. :)

  2. Such vibrant colors.
    Great catch!
    Peace :)

  3. This is a great mural. Nice vintage feel to it, and who doesn't like Hoss??

  4. Very bright colours indeed, it looks like a comic strip.

  5. Verynice mural. I wish there were more around.

  6. Yee haw! Expect to see some comments on some older posts from me today...backreading again.

  7. Wow that is a great mural. Lots of cool stuff on it.

  8. Your mural here has all the right things to show off the town.
    And strong long-lasting color, right.
    (I think that was Tirtsale's problem--the Beersheba sun just peeled off her purple top. hehe)

  9. It's wonderful! Great to see Dan Blocker there.

  10. Amazing to see John... And Hoss was just as famous over here.

  11. Fantastic mural! Lots to see and lots of great color too!

  12. You could look for hours at that mural - such a variety of pictures.

  13. Yep, Hoss was first to catch my eyes...would actually like to stand and study this one in person. There is lot going on in it.


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