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Saturday, June 21, 2014


Driving Interstate 80 through the lower portion of Wyoming it is just a matter of sitting back, putting in the miles, enjoy the scenery and be thankful you don't have to live here.  It seems the cold blustery wind never ceases until you drop down into Utah.

This always fascinated me.  Wind-whipped draperies of pouring rain at various spots and dry as a bone in between.


  1. ...the first photo is snow? Brrr it sure looks chilly!

  2. Very great and imposing landscapes. Thanks for showing John.

  3. It could be a right place for movies, so empty and raw landscapes. Fascinating to watch these pictures.

  4. Well it sure is beautiful scenery!

  5. just magnificently beautiful! i know it is one of our more sparsely populated states, but wow...

  6. What fabulous scenery! And those skies!!!

  7. Great looking place.

    I used a graduated filter for the sky in my shot, and underexposed the whole thing by about 1/3 of a stop - which is pretty much my standard first port of call for landscape shots.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  8. I've been to Wyoming only in summer. It's beautiful that time of year. :))


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